News Update

Introducing the Knomo Mag:Mount and Mag:Case for the iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus…

The Mag:Mount and Mag:Case allow you to place and hold your iPhone wherever you need letting you go hands free.

Introducing Knomo first magnetic iPhone range, the Mag:Collection. Knomo wanted to design and create a collection of cases that really make our every day easier and resolve 3 problems:

1. Most iPhone cases don’t give you the option to stand your phone up as you need, or have the screen in a position that allow you to use your phone as efficiently as possible
2. Allows drivers to use their maps safely while driving
3. A clever iPhone case that works harder and provides better organization than any of the traditional leather styles currently in the market

Place your iPhone in the Mag:Case, magnetically attached your smartphone to a flat surface with the Mag:Mount

The Mag:Mount is available in Black and White/Silver


How It Works: The Mag:Case and Mag:Mount

Usage Example: