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Introducing you to the KNOMAD Portable Organiser by KNOMO LONDON – the perfect companion for staying organised and travelling smart

Life on-the-go in 2015 is unimaginable without technology, through smartphones, tablets and laptops. The world is now full of ‘Digital Nomads’, travelling continuously but constantly connected – whether it’s to the office through email, the family by Skype, friends on Facebook and world through Twitter. At Knomo we feel part of this tribe. Introducing you to the Knomad Portable Organiser by Knomo; the perfect companion for staying organized and travelling smart. For those who are always out and about the Knomad works as a personal organizer to keep your cards, cash, tech and other daily essentials accessible and in one place.

Key Features:
-Fold-out design that lays out on any flat surfaces; be this an airplane tray table, your office desk or on your knees
-Shockproof tablet section
-Fold closed for carrying; Knomad offers a wraparound journal-like design for full protection on-the-move
-Designated areas for battery, smartphone, card and passport sections, complemented with elastics or compartments to hold cables and pen sleeves

Knomo has the following key products attributes that sets it apart from the competition.
VERSATILE – designed for dynamic lifestyle
THOUGHTFUL DESIGN – designed with customer in mind
CLEVER SOLUTION – designed around technology with clever internal organization
REMARKABLE – distinctively Knomo
QUALITY – durable materials and craftsmanship
STYLISH – designed in London, modern and clean look
PERSONALITY – bright and colorful internals 

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